Ceremonial Retreats

fire ceremony and sacred circle

In a traditional retreat we may go to a place of returning ourselves to nurture, and replenish what has been neglected, and perhaps forgotten.  In a ceremonial retreat, not only do we observe the traditional intention of retreating, we invite the unseen, the spiritual and sacred ways of life.  We honor ancient rituals and practices that your facilitators undertake to ensure the therapeutic container is open for healing to be facilitated with ease and grace.  Additionally, these ancient rituals and practices are performed to invite protection, openness, cooperation and guidance from our ancestors and the elements of nature. 

The intention of these psycho-spiritual retreats is to gather together as a community, bringing ourselves as we are, and becoming aware of what is out of balance without judgement.  With this insight, we then begin to co-create a personalized transformational program for the retreat cohort and the individuals in that cohort, respectively.  What sets our retreats apart from others is the personalized aspect of retreating, where we get to address our most intimate concerns in both a group and individual setting.  Our transformative retreat programs offer optional ongoing support to the community of ceremonial retreat participants.

Retreats are an essential process of organizing the scattered parts of our lives to reconsider, and perhaps reevaluate what is supportive, and what is distracting.  Allowing us in choosing action to adjust or amend what may bring us back to wholeness.

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