helping you gain mastery over your most difficult choices

Exploring the dark abyss of consciousness with you, I share where there is light and guide you to that place energetically, therefore increasing your frequency and allowing for healing to begin.

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Gain the insights, advice, and tools to Manifest Dreams

Conscious Coaching

Conscious Coaching differs from life coaching in the understanding that a healthy life is built on a foundation of conscious choices and intentional living.

Psychic Readings

With the use of symbols we will have a better understanding on how to interpret the current struggles we face.


Hypnotherapy is guided hypnosis, or a trance-like state of focus and concentration achieved with the help of a clinical hypnotherapist.

Psychedelic Medicine

Altered-states of consciousness may support unintegrated aspects of our psyche, across all timelines, to better understand and support a present misalignment in the ordinary state, allowing us to integrate and embody all aspects of the psyche.

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is the practice of utilizing life force bio-energetics to harmonize and create balance within your own energetic body.

Crystal & Pendulum Healing

Pendulums are tools that help us understand imbalances in our energetic health.

Group Work

Group work is a safe and confidential place to explore yourself, and relationships through a shared experience.

Executive Consulting

An organization is made up of many unique personalities, my work is to identify the most appropriate culture for your team as a group and also at the individual level.

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About Me

As a young child I knew the power of the mind was the key to an actualized life.

I was introduced to prayer and ceremony from a young age due to my cultural and spiritual background. My intent from a young age was to help reduce suffering. It was my personal mission because of the amount of suffering that I experienced and was witness to. I wanted to study medicine and psychology as the vehicle for healing. At age 17, I discovered and studied dream analysis, and became committed to learning this tool. This is when I first realized that I wanted to become a psychologist. A few years into my undergraduate studies, I realized that my passion profession was not a profession that could financially support my lower-income parents immediately, and so I decided to step away from my dream and focus on business. My professional journey began in sales, marketing and technology for 20 years. A mentor, and dear medical doctor friend, shared with me that they observed hidden talents in me that were untrained, and required nurturing. This is when I went back to graduate school for my original passion of psychological and spiritual healing.

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Featured Client
Success Story

“Búo embodies his namesake, the owl, when he takes up his tarot cards: He helps us see in the dark, into those chambers of the "inner castle" that bear our exploration. Part magic and part psychology and part metaphor, the tarot in his hands is a rich resource, especially for ongoing therapeutic work.”

“I've never met anyone as attuned and connected to Universe/higher consciousness as Buo. His readings help me get clarity and he unveils messages that were waiting for me in order to make better-informed life decisions. I trust Buo, and that means everything to me.”

“Buo gave me the best intuitive reading I've ever received! I felt seen and supported by his warm and confident way of conveying his intuitive insights. I left with a clear path through the greatest challenges I'd been facing in my work and relationships. It was epic!”

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How can I help?

My intentions are to support those going through the conscious awakening process by building conscious community and providing professional guidance.

This is all possible by integrating the teachings of Eastern Medicine and Western Medicine through psychotherapeutic processing, practical evidence-based activities to maintain the evolving self within, awareness into your root concerns, intuitive insights, spiritual communication, hypnosis, numerology, Jungian symbolism, sacred ceremony, sound healing, coaching and community support.

By creating a safe energetic container for personal and collective growth, we will nurture and develop the self-actualized individual that yearns to be expressed to its full and highest potential.  I look forward to sharing energy with you.

Ahó & Mahalo,

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Thank you, I look forward to connecting 🙏
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