Psychic Readings

tarot reading, archetypal psychology


Archetypes are universal patterns and characteristics that represent a symbolic aspect of ourselves.  Many of today’s stories in books and in the media portray archetypes that are familiar to us throughout our lives consciously and unconsciously.  Films like Star Wars and Indiana Jones utilized archetypes to create its story through its characters.  The hero, the mother, the warrior, the mentor, the villain, and many more.

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With the use of these symbols we will have a better understanding on how to interpret the current struggles we face.

The system of symbols utilized in this service are represented in the Tarot deck.  Integrating Tarot and psychology can support the understanding of unconscious aspects playing a role in the situation one brings into the healing space.  Therefore creating a therapeutic tarot session through Transpersonal Psychology.

Therapeutic Tarot is meant as a tool to provide further insight where logic and reason are simply not enough.  The symbols found in the tarot deck are found in our environment and are therefore non-denominational and supportive to all spiritual and religious paths.  We utilize these symbols to tell a story about what is happening, why it happened and what can happen.  We look at our options through these symbols as a way to work with them in practical ways.

With this tool, along with coaching techniques:

  • We begin to uncover behavioral patterns taking place, both desired and undesired
  • We discover the origin of these patterns
  • We learn how to change these patterns with practical techniques from an experienced spiritual health professional.

I have been working with Tarot coaching since 2008, with the use of various energy medicine systems and card systems such as Tarot, Oracle, Angel, and Shamanic Animal.