Crystal-Pendulum Healing

crystal healing, pendulum healing

Pendulums are tools that help us understand imbalances in our energetic health.  They are tuned to subtle vibrations and can help us clear, balance and heal our energy points in our bodies, also known as Chakras.

The chakra system is a field of gentle subtle energy points that is centered throughout the body . When these are out of alignment, we may experience uncomfortable symptoms and feel out of balance from our most natural state of well-being.

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When placed over the one of the 7 chakras, the pendulum will move, showing us both the direction and size of the energy the chakra is emitting.

The energy level will reveal balance, imbalance, or energy blocks. This allows us to understand where healing is required, and where crystals may support these imbalances for healing.

Crystal healing is a form of vibrational medicine due to the fact that it uses vibrational frequencies to restore or maintain a balanced energy system. Every aspect of our mind, bodies, and spirit has an energy frequency that can range between healthy to unhealthy. When all of these frequencies are in harmony, a person will feel balanced and enjoy good mental, emotional and physical health. However, these energies can be thrown out of balance resulting in ill health and disease. Vibrational medicine modalities such as crystal healing seek to bring these frequencies back into balance restoring health.

Vibrational healing using crystals is able to occur when the frequency of the stone comes into contact with the frequency of the person, organ or body part that requires healing. The two energy fields interact with each other, and the crystal’s frequency rebalances the receiving frequencies as needed. One example of this is placing a selenite crystal over the site of a person’s spinal column. The energy from the crystal flows into the painful imbalanced area and restores this to the correct frequency.